Fees and Services

How do you operate your business?
The process begins with a 45 minute phone consultation. We will set up a mutually agreeable time to discuss your situation in depth without distraction. During this phone consultation, I may offer advice and you are encouraged to freely ask any questions. There is no charge for this call. If we decide to move forward together we will set up a time for an Intake Meeting and/or File Review if necessary. In some instances a File Review will not be necessary.

What happens at an Intake Meeting or File Review?
During the intake meeting we will discuss your situation in depth. I want to learn what all has happened, what steps you have taken and where you are at currently. We will identify needs, talk about realistic strategies and develop a plan to obtain appropriate services for your child. I ask you to provide all contact information for you and for your child's school district. I also ask that you provide a complete copy of your child's general, cumulative and confidential educational records, including pertinent medical information, special education records, formal and informal correspondences, discipline records, tests, school and outside evaluations, report cards, teacher to teacher notes and all emails between you and the school. I can supply you with a sample letter to send to your school district to request this file and information. You will also be asked to sign two documents for me. One is a Special Education Advocacy Services Agreement and the other is a Consent & Authorization for Exchange/Release of Information. I collect a flat Intake Meeting fee at this time, as it usually takes me 2-3 hours to review a client's file. If we decide to not meet in person, I can email my documents to you and you can mail me your child's school files.

What happens after an Intake Meeting or File Review?
After I complete a thorough review of your child's educational file I will decide whether or not I feel the case merits support and could use direct representation or consultation and if so, next step recommendations. I will write up a file review summary so you can see my analysis. If we decide to move forward together, all services thereafter will be billed at an hourly rate, billed in .1-hour (6 minute) increments. I will advocate on your behalf to affect change in your child's educational plan. No action will ever be taken without your agreement.

What if I just want you to attend a Section 504 Plan or IEP meeting with me?
I am available to attend school meetings with you and advocate on your behalf to support your goals for your child's education.  I bill at an hourly rate, billed in .1-hour (6 minute) increments for time spent preparing for the meeting and attending the meeting. I do not charge extra for travel.

What are some common next steps?
* Help parents strategize and prepare for IEP or Section 504 meetings by proposing SMART goals and determining appropriate accommodations and related services to meet their child's needs
* Attend IEP team meetings, Section 504 committee meetings or other school meetings to discuss eligibility, program goals and student support
* Act as a liaison between parent and school
* Resolve disagreements between parents and local school districts
* Assist with procedural navigation
* Contact U.S. or California Department of Education on your behalf. File state or federal compliance complaint if warranted.
* Refer you to a special education attorney if needed





Susan Horning Advocacy, Walnut Creek, California - Ph. 925-938-7312 -  Susan@SusanHorningAdvocacy.com

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